Wolf tracks are the evidence of people and places, the wonders of this world, our travels, our friends and our family. The pictures on/in these pages were taken by a group of folks who enjoy photography - but are not professional photographers. We love our family, our friends, and the beauty of the world, and share it with you. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Enjoy!

As a family, we enjoy time with each other. We have learned that memories are made when we are together. We have also learned that memories are fleeting, especially as we get older. So we have tried to capture our time together - first on film, and now, thankfully, on digital cameras.

We are also a bit schizophrenic in our use of technology. We enjoy our DSLR's because of their features and capabilities. We enjoy images for their portability and ease of capture. We appreciate the size and weight of smaller, more portable and durable cameras. We love the life capturing audio and video of movies. In short, we appreciate all ways of capturing the moment(s).

We use the following:


Canon: 7D (Laurie), Rebel (Terrill/Emily/Braden/Tiffany/James/Jennifer), D10 - everyone (it takes good pictures and is really durable)

Nikon: D300, D800E (Rudy - I know, lone wolf)

Leica: D-Lux 5 (Rudy - again. lone wolf, but what a nicely engineered camera)

iPhone: everyone

Personal Hardware/Software

Computers: MACs all varieties and sizes

Software: Lightroom mostly, Aperture for published books, iPhoto sometimes